Non Euclidean Brand Revival!

We’re Not Dead! I’ve been hard at work modeling these past months, but with the move I just had, I had pushed aside updating the website. But nevertheless, I’m Back! And I have a Lot to show you all! I’ve since completed the Voltrak Train Engine. I’m still going to make the full train, 5 cars, but not until I upgrade my GPU to be able to efficiently continue on the model. I’ve also had the rifles re-textured! Looking now much more lived in. And, “Rifles?” you say? Yes, I had another commission since my last update to model another Dreamkeepers weapon. Lieutenant Vi’s Personal Cannon. Below you can see it alongside the other pieces. It, like everything here, is always VR and animation ready, always featuring fully functional internals. On the topic of guns, you’ll also spot one more, very long and thin. The is also from the Dreamkeepers comic, a CCA breaching Rifle. I did this in my free time as a personal project. Commissions are always open! Take a look at the commission info tab to learn more!


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