Lottery Winners!

The Lottery is over, not only was it a battle for entrance, but also position. Following the current piece in progress, these ten people will be the first queue of Coin Commissions, listed in order from first position, to last. Congratulations to the winners!

1st Position Winner : Kai M.
2nd Position Winner : Draz
3rd Position Winner : Kalameet
4th Position Winner : Crown of Thorns
5th Position Winner : Nicholas M.
6th Position Winner : Quantum Robot
7th Position Winner : Emperor of Dragonkind
8th Position Winner : Miasma Growlmon
9th Position Winner : Retro
10th Position Winner : Christopher W.

To everyone that entered, thank you so much. If you didn’t win, by all means send a new email and I’ll add you to the following queue, first come, first serve. I look forward to getting to these commissions very very soon.

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