Commission Info

$50 down payment before work begins. Nonrefundable.

Charges are made at the end of the project, or per predetermined milestone negotiations – Work is $35/hour only for time spent modeling, rendering and animating if applicable.

After the model is complete, I will allow two free edits and then a 15% charge addition for every additional edit.

Notes for the Buyer

All transactions are through PayPal. (Donations are always accepted). Payment must be received before the final model and renders will be provided, however in progress photos will be provided at the predesignated points to maintain clarity and transparency with the customer. Please understand that no in progress time estimate is concrete.

About Me

Non Euclidean Designs is the Business Brain Child of myself, Zachary Nall, self started 3D design artist. 5 years experience has developed my skills beyond measure and industry. I pride myself in quality work and expeditious returns. Every model I create demonstrates this ideology.
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