University Sphero Project

This has to be one of my new favorite projects for the school year. We were tasked with creating a "disruptive innovation" upon a Sphero toy. A small robotic ball that you can roll around with an internal gyroscope, very reminiscent of the BB-8 Droid from Star Wars. My innovation? Legs! Specifically with the design intent to be used on other planetary bodies. The attached images were compiled with other data to make a formal pitch video for the class. ...

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Zeus: Gauss Rifle

Electromagnetic Gauss Rifle, inspired by both the game titles Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout 4. In just 6 hours this work of art is one of if not my proudest piece to date. By a wide margin. It also served as a true test of the capabilities of my new work system, and it truly delivered. I'm very proud of the detail I was able to fit into the device from many perspectives. And I don't have to say it's 18.6 million poly to impress any more than what you already...

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Apology and Art Dump

I want to open with a thank you to my faithful supporters, patrons, and friends, and follow with an apology. Many of you have noticed that the turnaround for pieces has been far longer than expected. Between a major trip last month, advancement to a management position at my day job, and college now looming on the horizon with the subsequent move ahead, taking on the ten, let alone forty one commissions, was a poor decision. But let it be said they will be done. In the meantime, in the...

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Retro Future Air Racer

This piece features a 50's style, Retro Future aesthetic Air Racing craft. Like something out of the Jetsons, almost, but a bit later era. I could still add a bit to it but at 3.5 hour work time, including renders, I couldnt be happier with the results.  Also keep an eye out for a future update on this project. It may be featured in another artisart work in the coming months. Stay tuned....

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Back In Action

I'm happy to say that upon receiving a temporary laptop, and subsequently getting my modeling software's functional, I am back in the saddle and modeling as much as ever. The models will be marginally smaller than my usual major projects, as the computer can only handle so much, but from the pieces attached to this post ImI sure you can tell that that's hardly holding me back. Commissions are always open! Just head to the commissions page to learn more. Below you can see: Neko-Headphones, speedmodeled in 47 minutes A friend made the...

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Weekly Speedmodels!

This week has been very productive for the brand as many of you have seen. Now that the website is revived, and we're in full gear, I'm getting back to my daily speedmodels. Below you'll see "Snowball" a robot sidekick from the AAA title Overwatch. A turret from the same title. And A sword, featured in spiral knights, which was a giveaway prize. I've also started work on my next major project, but that will deserve its own post. Until next time, -Non Euclidean ...

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Happy Halloween!

Oh wait, It’s already over? Nevertheless, I hope you had a good holiday! For those of you who may not know, October, more than just being the month of spooky tidings, is also something special for artists, Inktober! It’s a month long, daily, art challenge to get people creative! Sadly I started two weeks late, putting me behind the curve. But, I still made exceptional progress in my models for each of the prompts!

Non Euclidean Brand Revival!

We’re Not Dead! I’ve been hard at work modeling these past months, but with the move I just had, I had pushed aside updating the website. But nevertheless, I’m Back! And I have a Lot to show you all! I’ve since completed the Voltrak Train Engine. I’m still going to make the full train, 5 cars, but not until I upgrade my GPU to be able to efficiently continue on the model. I’ve also had the rifles re-textured! Looking now much more lived in. And, “Rifles?” you say? Yes, I had another commission since my last update to model another Dreamkeepers weapon. Lieutenant Vi’s Personal Cannon. Below you can see it alongside the other pieces. It, like everything here, is always VR and animation ready, always featuring fully functional internals. On the topic of guns, you’ll also spot one more, very long and thin. The is also from the Dreamkeepers comic, a CCA breaching Rifle. I did this in my free time as a personal project. Commissions are always open! Take a look at the commission info tab to learn more!

Dreamkeeper’s MM-MkIII Rifle

Over the course of four days I’ve worked late into the night to complete once again, one of my most in-depth modeling commissions, the Dreamkeeper’s Modular Midrange Mark 3 Battle Rifle, made for KonigPanther. This rifle not only has the look of its comic book counterpart from the outside, but also complete internal functionality head to toe. This model took me eight hours to complete from start to finish and I am more than pleased with the results.