A Change In Perspective

Long since I've started this endeavor, creating my works, capitalizing on them, the subject of greatest debate amongst not only myself, but those around me, has been the matter of the value of my time. Perhaps it is due to my naturally, unnecessarily, generous nature, or the fact I am simply an ignorant salesman, but I've come to the conclusion that with my new resources, a clear mind, and refined skills, it's time for an economic change, as well as a global change in the quality of work I output....

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Lottery Winners!

The Lottery is over, not only was it a battle for entrance, but also position. Following the current piece in progress, these ten people will be the first queue of Coin Commissions, listed in order from first position, to last. Congratulations to the winners! 1st Position Winner : Kai M. 2nd Position Winner : Draz 3rd Position Winner : Kalameet 4th Position Winner : Crown of Thorns 5th Position Winner : Nicholas M. 6th Position Winner : Quantum Robot 7th Position Winner : Emperor of Dragonkind 8th Position Winner : Miasma Growlmon 9th Position Winner : Retro 10th Position Winner...

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Coin Commission Raffle

I recently broadcasted about my coin commissions and oh boy did they take off, a whole lot. I've been trying my best to sort through the dozens of you and I'm so unbelievably happy you're all interested, however it's simply too overwhelming to handle all of these at once. So I'm announcing a small lottery. Everyone who wanted to commission a coin, send a message through my contact page, and in it include the word "Lottery", and I'll enter you. I'll be taking entries until 11:59:59 PM, UTC-5, (eastern) May...

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Back In Action

I'm happy to say that upon receiving a temporary laptop, and subsequently getting my modeling software's functional, I am back in the saddle and modeling as much as ever. The models will be marginally smaller than my usual major projects, as the computer can only handle so much, but from the pieces attached to this post ImI sure you can tell that that's hardly holding me back. Commissions are always open! Just head to the commissions page to learn more. Below you can see: Neko-Headphones, speedmodeled in 47 minutes A friend made the...

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Website Revival

Our old website, while functional, was clunky, and unprofessional. It more closely resembled the ideology I treated both it and my work with, that I was an amateur. I am formally foregoing that ideology. From now on, Non Euclidean Designs will move forward with only the highest levels of business professionalism. Where better to begin, than the soapbox upon which I present myself. I am proud to be back, in full swing. Keep a sharp eye out for updates coming soon.