Back In Action

I'm happy to say that upon receiving a temporary laptop, and subsequently getting my modeling software's functional, I am back in the saddle and modeling as much as ever. The models will be marginally smaller than my usual major projects, as the computer can only handle so much, but from the pieces attached to this post ImI sure you can tell that that's hardly holding me back. Commissions are always open! Just head to the commissions page to learn more. Below you can see: Neko-Headphones, speedmodeled in 47 minutes A friend made the...

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4 Month Hiatus

Hello everyone, I'm sorry to say that due to certain life developments, I am now without a computer until the end of April. As such, I will not have an work available for you all as my schedule would have otherwise called for. I am absolutely still taking requests and commission pitches through my contact page. I look forward to getting back to work as soon as possible. No. My brand is not dead. I have no intention of declaring it such. I will continue my work for the foreseeable...

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Big project Sneak Peeks

Christmas is fast approaching, and I hope you all are having a very merry holiday. I'll be celebrating soon too, but not before I share a sneak peek of my two big projects I started early this week. Pictured below we have the cockpit exterior to the "Mantis" Light assault aircraft. and what many may recognize as a stargate. From the same named movie. I won't share more just yet, but do keep an eye out later this week for an update. Until then, I wish you all a Merry...

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Weekly Speedmodels!

This week has been very productive for the brand as many of you have seen. Now that the website is revived, and we're in full gear, I'm getting back to my daily speedmodels. Below you'll see "Snowball" a robot sidekick from the AAA title Overwatch. A turret from the same title. And A sword, featured in spiral knights, which was a giveaway prize. I've also started work on my next major project, but that will deserve its own post. Until next time, -Non Euclidean ...

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Website Revival

Our old website, while functional, was clunky, and unprofessional. It more closely resembled the ideology I treated both it and my work with, that I was an amateur. I am formally foregoing that ideology. From now on, Non Euclidean Designs will move forward with only the highest levels of business professionalism. Where better to begin, than the soapbox upon which I present myself. I am proud to be back, in full swing. Keep a sharp eye out for updates coming soon.

Apology Art Dump

Ever since the beginning of last September, I’ve either made a new model every single day, or worked on a major project. Not a single day has gone by where that was not the case (with select exceptions). But, many of these pieces have never been seen by the public, maybe a few friends, but nothing more. I know I said I’d be taking my website back, and I failed, but here we go, Take 2. First thing, Art Dump. (Almost) Everything I have will follow this message. (Many works have never been rendered) And this, this post, will be my clean slate. I will continue my daily models, and post an update every available Saturday. If you have recommendations or requests, feel free to contact me through my contact page. I’m sorry for the silence. I promise, You will have a lot to feast your eyes on very soon. Until next week…

-Non Euclidean

Happy Halloween!

Oh wait, It’s already over? Nevertheless, I hope you had a good holiday! For those of you who may not know, October, more than just being the month of spooky tidings, is also something special for artists, Inktober! It’s a month long, daily, art challenge to get people creative! Sadly I started two weeks late, putting me behind the curve. But, I still made exceptional progress in my models for each of the prompts!

Back in Business

Sorry for the drop off since the last post. I promise I’ve still been hard at work, but I’ve been neglecting my community, and for that I apologize. Since you last heard from me I’ve completed one major project as well as have done numerous minor ones. (Look below for photos) In other good news, speed model streams are back! So you can look forward to many of those soon. I also plan to start doing, at minimum, one post a week with 4 or more new models to show every week. As well as one major project in progress. So keep an eye out!

Non Euclidean Brand Revival!

We’re Not Dead! I’ve been hard at work modeling these past months, but with the move I just had, I had pushed aside updating the website. But nevertheless, I’m Back! And I have a Lot to show you all! I’ve since completed the Voltrak Train Engine. I’m still going to make the full train, 5 cars, but not until I upgrade my GPU to be able to efficiently continue on the model. I’ve also had the rifles re-textured! Looking now much more lived in. And, “Rifles?” you say? Yes, I had another commission since my last update to model another Dreamkeepers weapon. Lieutenant Vi’s Personal Cannon. Below you can see it alongside the other pieces. It, like everything here, is always VR and animation ready, always featuring fully functional internals. On the topic of guns, you’ll also spot one more, very long and thin. The is also from the Dreamkeepers comic, a CCA breaching Rifle. I did this in my free time as a personal project. Commissions are always open! Take a look at the commission info tab to learn more!