Back In Action

I’m happy to say that upon receiving a temporary laptop, and subsequently getting my modeling software’s functional, I am back in the saddle and modeling as much as ever. The models will be marginally smaller than my usual major projects, as the computer can only handle so much, but from the pieces attached to this post ImI sure you can tell that that’s hardly holding me back. Commissions are always open! Just head to the commissions page to learn more.

Below you can see:

Neko-Headphones, speedmodeled in 47 minutes

A friend made the request of a coin of their profile picture from a social networking platform.

I received a request for a “Balloon Animal Ballerina”

For Easter, I made a nice rainbow egg.

And lastly, my Maker’s Coin. Similar to military challenge coins, I plan to print and exchange coins with other makers at relevant events. Email me and I’ll happily send you the stl to print it yourself.

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