Big project Sneak Peeks

Christmas is fast approaching, and I hope you all are having a very merry holiday. I'll be celebrating soon too, but not before I share a sneak peek of my two big projects I started early this week. Pictured below we have the cockpit exterior to the "Mantis" Light assault aircraft. and what many may recognize as a stargate. From the same named movie. I won't share more just yet, but do keep an eye out later this week for an update. Until then, I wish you all a Merry...

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Weekly Speedmodels!

This week has been very productive for the brand as many of you have seen. Now that the website is revived, and we're in full gear, I'm getting back to my daily speedmodels. Below you'll see "Snowball" a robot sidekick from the AAA title Overwatch. A turret from the same title. And A sword, featured in spiral knights, which was a giveaway prize. I've also started work on my next major project, but that will deserve its own post. Until next time, -Non Euclidean ...

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Website Revival

Our old website, while functional, was clunky, and unprofessional. It more closely resembled the ideology I treated both it and my work with, that I was an amateur. I am formally foregoing that ideology. From now on, Non Euclidean Designs will move forward with only the highest levels of business professionalism. Where better to begin, than the soapbox upon which I present myself. I am proud to be back, in full swing. Keep a sharp eye out for updates coming soon.