Apology Art Dump

Ever since the beginning of last September, I’ve either made a new model every single day, or worked on a major project. Not a single day has gone by where that was not the case (with select exceptions). But, many of these pieces have never been seen by the public, maybe a few friends, but nothing more. I know I said I’d be taking my website back, and I failed, but here we go, Take 2. First thing, Art Dump. (Almost) Everything I have will follow this message. (Many works have never been rendered) And this, this post, will be my clean slate. I will continue my daily models, and post an update every available Saturday. If you have recommendations or requests, feel free to contact me through my contact page. I’m sorry for the silence. I promise, You will have a lot to feast your eyes on very soon. Until next week…

-Non Euclidean

Happy Halloween!

Oh wait, It’s already over? Nevertheless, I hope you had a good holiday! For those of you who may not know, October, more than just being the month of spooky tidings, is also something special for artists, Inktober! It’s a month long, daily, art challenge to get people creative! Sadly I started two weeks late, putting me behind the curve. But, I still made exceptional progress in my models for each of the prompts!