Dreamkeeper’s MM-MkIII Rifle

Over the course of four days I’ve worked late into the night to complete once again, one of my most in-depth modeling commissions, the Dreamkeeper’s Modular Midrange Mark 3 Battle Rifle, made for KonigPanther. This rifle not only has the look of its comic book counterpart from the outside, but also complete internal functionality head to toe. This model took me eight hours to complete from start to finish and I am more than pleased with the results.DK-MM-MKIII v53-3DK-MM-MKIII v53-4DK-MM-MKIII v54DK-MM-MKIII v55DK-MM-MKIII v54-2


  1. The “share to tumblr” button doesn’t seem to be working, so I’m going to have to guerilla this over there. This is too cool to not share! Holy smokes that is some nice work sir!


    • Hmm, not sure why that is. But thank you so much for your compliment!! It really means a lot. If you can find anyone looking for a Modeling commission send ’em my way! I’m open!


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